SX Strat - $85 shipped

This is the SX SST-57 that is about two years old and in bone stock condition. It's in good cosmetic condition with a few minor dings on the body as well as some light scratches. There is one scratch in the finish on the back of the neck (see picture) and some other little scratches here and there. I've never noticed the scratch while playing, so it's purely cosmetic. Overall, it looks great, though, with the cosmetic blemishes being small and fairly unnoticeable.

With that out of the way, it's a great playing and sounding guitar given it's cost. I'm can pretty much assure you that you'll be quite blown away with the quality of the guitar considering how little it costs. The neck has a nice chunky feel to it, and the body resonates quite nicely. Overall, I'd say it's quite impressive for the price or even twice the price.

The guitar will ship in the pictured gig bag. The bag isn't a very good fit for the guitar as it's meant for a semi-hollow of some sort. It's better than nothing though. Also, I will unbolt the neck from the body to reduce the cost of shipping. I'll throw in a fresh pack of 10's, though. Unfortunately, I do not seem to have the trem bar anymore. Though, I'm not sure how well the guitar stays in tune with trem use, considering the tuners and the bridge aren't the highest quality (the bridge is screwed down currently).

Anyway, this would be the perfect guitar for any beginner or anyone looking for a guitar with which to tinker.

Paypal or USPS Postal Money Orders.

PM if interested.

Pics in the next post.
If I didn't already have a Strat copy that I love, I'd buy this.

But since I already have one, consider this a free bump.
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