Anyone know why most of my .avi movie files dont have picture on windows media player, and cant play at all on quicktime? If i put them on like the NCH slideshow thingy i can see picture, but it plays really choppy and it takes a long time to convert to an mpg.

Is there a solution/other video player that will work?
DivX plugins needed usually
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Because Windows Media Player sucks donkey balls and Quicktime doesn't play .avi videos (?).

Use VLC media player, that one will probably work.
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+1 Vlc
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So either get the divx codec for windows media player, or get the VLC Player instead then?

I think ill just get the VLC, because DivX's site is confusing me

Thanks for the quick replies guys!
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You need the divx codec. www.divx.com

I have that, and I use Media player when Winamp isn't working with the file.

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+1 to vlc

i think the video might be divx, either way though vlc is the way to go
I use ALShow. Great player; along with the DivX player; I never use Media Player for video files.
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