hey guys i just got my bugera333xl yesterday and started playing with it. it sounds great for metal, but im also looking for a great 'rock' tone. does anybody who owns a bugera have a tone they would be willing to share. i know i can check out the thread for tones, but im also curious as to what others use that own this same amp. any input/ideas/comments would be very much appreciated. thanks guys.
I don't own one, nor have I tried one, but if I did, I'd do what I usually do for "rock" tone:
Gain at around 7, bass and treble around the same level (with the bass slightly lower, these two would be close to the 6/7 region) with the mids boosted (at around the 8/9 region).
This has worked great (for my style of playing) for a rock tone on any amp I've used in the past. Give it a try on your bugera see if you like