I'm competing in a hi-school paintball tournament, an need a strategic help. The field is like a wild west thing, nothing like I've played in.


There are 7 players on each side, stock markers and gear, so no ideas for the right things. Just how would be best to deploy the men and what strategy. I don't think the front, mid, back formation works here. I don't have any idea what is best to do:S
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hold the far left and far right side of your starting point... 3 players on the left and 2 on the right with 2 in the middle... if you lose those edges youll get over run...
shoot the other team before they shoot you.. usually works

I've actually played national level tournys, but I couldn't tell ya with that kind of field, just run though, be aggressive and you'll do fine.
Walk through it half a dozen times before the actual game. Deploy your team so they always have at least two lanes of fire, one to defend themselves/attack the other team and one to aid a teammate.
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Assuming that most will stay in the center together I think the ol' pincers attack should do the trick
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Use this tactic: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=2ypXgjFv750

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It'd be nice if the entire battlefield would be on display. Unlessthat is the entire thing, if so then its a small field.

Anyway, you're going to want to try to secure the building, and the elevated part especially. You need to defend the entrances though. Once you have it just focus on keeping it.

Anyway, yeah, two team pincer with a distraction thats unlikely to get shot just trying to harass the hell out of your opponents. Simply put, if the other team gets the entire building what you have to do to take it again is get someone firing down the hallways, then have another kid run outside and try to bunker through the windows. This is assuming they don't have anyone on that upper deck.

A strong sided pincer (one team of 4, one team of 3) would work well too.
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From the looks of it, whichever team holds that elevated fort is going to control the tempo of the game and therefore have the advantage. Keep your guys moving constantly in and around the structure, run and gun, and keep on the move to confuse them. Take a few steps while you're hidden, then pop out and fire a few, repeat. Try and keep at least one guy at the very top so he can constantly fire, which puts pressure on the other team. Confusion will probably be the key on this field, so just remember: keep moving and firing while having one or two stationary guys providing constant support and attack.
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