hey, im seeling one of my guitars. Its an ibanez AX1220, its priced at $1,300 brand new. Now I just got new strings and the neck adjusted. Along with the guitar im giving my very cheap amp, like...7 metallica tab books (all used condition of course) and a soft case. Now is 450 a good price to ask for it on ebay. And if not tell me what you think its REALLY worth, thanks alot!
What's the condition of the guitar?

Anyways, I'd charge a $100 more AT LEAST, if it's in good nick. You'd be losing out majorly if you don't.
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sorry its been awhile since i was on this site, so i didnt know where to put this. Anyway the condition of the guitar is amazing no nicks no nothing, its great. So your thinking at least $550?

Yup. If it looks brand new, then yeah.
Cam Sampbell's my hero
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If it's mint, I wouldn't charge less than a 1000 to be honest. Not that I'd come anywhere near that much, let alone $500.
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