anez 320 FM bought about a year and half ago. In excellent condition i dont gig so there is very little if but none scratches.

.Wizard Neck 2 neck

.Infinity 4 and Infinity 3 in the neck and bridge respectively

.5 Way Pickup Selector

.Edge Pro 3 Bridge

.Flamed maple body (hence the FM)

Its a great guitar extremely fast neck which is very nice to play the Edge Pro 3 while not the best tremolo system out there holds up extremely well and you can get perfect dive bombs and squeals from it without hassle.

While its nice to have a good lead guitar i want to concentrate on my rhythm playing and want to get decent rhythm guitar.

The Boss MT-2 again is in perfect condition dont gig so again hasnt taken a beating only bought it last year and now have a PODX3 so i dont need it any more.


Whoops forgot to post the asking price 440 for both. Selling to anyone in Ireland or possibly the UK