This is what comes out of detention.

ahh high school you and your surreal ways
you have everything you need all in one place
there's the jocks
who admire and compare their cocks
then there's the nerds
who're so pathetic i cant even think of any words
Followed by the music kids
Their whole music collection fits on one disk
Ahh then there are the posers
who will worship anything from satan to moses
How could i forget the stoners
If they see an ounce of weed they immediately get a boner
there's also the preps
who spend all their time dealing with a superiority complex
you'll find the wiggers down the hall
they've decided they dont need the white culture at all
then youll find the black guy who couldnt find a friend
so he grabs some punk cd's and a skateboard just so he could fit in
Ive spotted some metal heads
all they do is shred
then realize they're average at guitar
they spend the rest of their lives working at a burger king not to far
In the gym youll find the cheerleaders chatting to one another
but deep down inside they all hate each other
Well its been fun class of 09
Please stay away from the ledge
because ive never met so many people that are......average
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Quote by br&nizzle
hip hop?

cute and clever

quite cliche as a whole however

hah was that meant to rhyme?

Im surprised i got positive criticism lol. I was expecting to get flamed. Allthough if anyone thinks this is an attempt at a real song....
Pretty amusing. Neato piece on high school life. Gotta say I agree, although I couldn't find myself in any of those groups. Oh wellz, I'm just a loser. Kudos for the funniest read I've seen all night.
Cause I love feelin' dirty
And I love feelin' cheap
And I love it when you hurt me
So drive those staples deep