Hey I'm a new member here.
Here's some lyrics to a song from my band Signed in Blood.
It's called the Blackened Sunrise.

What do you think?

Dark shadows spread across the dead earth.
Our scarred planet, the result of humanity.
An entire history, erased by millenia of manipulation and hate.

A black sunrise to mark a curse bound by sin.
To bleed the planet, to break our existence.
Living the lies and fates predicted for us all.
This final sunrise, marked to be our last.

Liar, Deceiver
We trusted you and failed.
Sacrificed lives
Corruption seeping through.

I swear, I've seen the end.
Feeding us unto this darkness.
To mark the final hours, of our shattered planet.
Just to stand by and watch mankind melt away.

It makes me sick, as we defied our purpose
All regret to just feed our fate.
well man im assuming that this is death metal, and im no expert on that subject so take what i say with a greain of salt, i think its alright, nothing that really makes me go wow that great you know? it was solid just not spectacular, but then again im not big into death metal stuff, so i could be way off, thats just my two cents, peace