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I kinda jam with some people
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Generic Metalcore for ya.
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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

I wouldn't say I'm in one at the moment. My friend who wants to learn guitar is planning to start one with me though.
No. I was in one but got kicked out. Then some guys some days ago saw my videos and asked me to join their "70's soft music band". Turns out they were love songs, so I politely declined.
Though I may join a blues band next week !

yes. link in sig
I guess i would describe it as instrumental alternative rock, but our music is really beyond the realms of any one specific genre. or so I like to think...
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nah...i just like to jam with people. keep it casual and all for fun.
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Does he play with feeling though?

Since he has no knowledge of theory at the moment, he is the ultimate guitarist in terms of feeling.
No, I'm a lonely electronica musician. Probably best though, don't know anyone with a half decent music taste (yeah I'm a music snob).
im in 2
called 'Until We Prevail'
and 'Your Name in Blood'

neither with anything on the internetz
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dude, in flames sucks.
all their music sounds the same

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I jam with a drummer, need a skilled bassist with a decent amp 'cause I'm trying to get a 3 piece death metal going.
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I am in my band, Project M KULTRA.

May change the name....maybe not.
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Back in Texas I had a group of people to jam with.

I am desperately seeking one now.

PM me if you are in the Boston, MA area and are looking for people to jam with.
nope, looking though, if anyones interested =P
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Yea, were called Shot to Kill, check us out http://www.myspace.com/shottokill2007

We play Hard Rock/Grunge/Classic Rock stuff and do our own originals
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I dont play in a band with people but theres a sorta band im in with my mate where we get on and make beats and sorta drum n bass songs where i would record some guitar riffs for them and he will do keyboard and shit for it. Really just pissing about but every now and then we make a gem!
yes, play at least once a week out live. good times, getting recorded... nothing on our myspace however, next week we get first song from the studio.

kinda a funk/punk/jam sound with a hip hop sounding song in there also.
My town is full of kids who just look up tabs all day and know a blues scale...I always have to drive an hour or so out of town to find musicians who I can actually get gigs and such with. But as seeing how I work alot, have school, and gas prices are high it's not going to happen again anytime soon.
I sing with my friends band sometimes..that really doesn't count, but it makes me feel special.
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im in a hardrock/metal band which has been just me and the drummer for about a year but we finally got a bassist and second guitarist. the band name was silence&requiem but we just changed it to Constrictor so now my UG name is obselete.
the drummer in my band just met these twins that play bass and guitar (different people from above bassist/guitarist) and are insanely good and we're thinking of doing a deathmetal sideproject with them.
and i have a few friends that formed a classic rock band and asked me to be the singer. the two sideprojects havent happend yet but im currently in one band.
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I've got one.

We're working on recording a 6 song EP. We've got it all written and down, we just need to record it. We're hoping to have it all done over the next two weeks.
I just started one with another guitarist a while ago. We're still trying to get members together though.

Fo' shizzle I izzle in a bandizzle.
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