I dont know if anyone else had this idea before, but I was thinking Id share it with you anyway. My soundcard, an Audigy ZS, came with a software bundle that included the Creative Mediasource player. I found out that its got an option that allows you to scale up or down the speed at which a track is being played without affecting tone pitches. Im using that possibility to play the songs im tabbing at the lowest possible speed, which makes things a lot easier. additionally, since most recordings have one guitar per stereo speaker, im using my PCs volume control center (or whatever you call it) to blind out one of the stereo canals, i.e. one guitar at a time. leaves one guitar at low tempo - perfect. the drums usually end up 100% correct, the guitars id say 95% correct minimum. download my architects - buried at sea tab and see for yourself!
Although I don't know the song, it seems to be well done. So your technique works out fine, I guess. I, personally, find your tab a bit hard to follow due to some neglected score customs. I've made some changes to improve the legibility. Perhaps some of these changes might work for you as well.
well, i try to stay as close to the sound of the original with my tabs, thats why sometimes things look a bit weird. the thing is that GPs midi sounds sound different on each computer, so it could well be that everythings totally messed up when someone else opens it, even more when hes using GP5 like you are. im gonna rework the whole of it in GP5 and try to stay as close to the actual way theyre playing it, im gonna tab the whole album so i dont want it to have flaws.
You don't need any fancy kit for doing that, Windows Media Player allows you to slow songs down...
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