I think I'm finally to the point where I've got a decent rig. I do pop-punk stuff, so I don't need any fancy effects pedal chain going on. My rig is as follows:

Gibson SG Special -> Boss TU2 -> Bugera 333XL Halfstack

It sounds and works brilliantly as it is. But, I'm GASing for a few things. Which one does UG think I should get next?

Orange Tiny Terror Head
PRS SE Custom Hardtail
Wireless Unit of some sort
Cab Upgrade

The Tiny Terror head seems pretty freaking epic to me, I love the Orange tone and the Tiny Terror is simple and does the job.

I played an incredible PRS SE Custom at Guitar Center today. It was one of the best guitars I've ever played, especially for $600.

Wireless units have pros and cons, but I'm mainly looking to eliminate the cable muck on stage, as I move around quite a bit.

The standard Bugera cab isn't bad... but I think I could do better.

Probably the Wireless
Than the Cab
Than the PRS
Then the Orange