basically what the topic says...

what are some good ones out there that teach begginer electric guitar?

price isnt a problem btw
yeah i go there already its really good

but what about DVD's though?
i use here and other sites on the internet for some things
Doug Marks Metal Method DVD Set.
It's 6 DVD's and tab books for every lesson. I believe the first 2 DVD's are beginner, then the other 2 Intermediate, and then the last 2 are expert. Atleast, I think that's how it's set up. I believe the lessons also go over a little bit of theory as well.

It's about $55USD, but it's a very useful set.
ill look into that, except i dont listen too metal that much only really Black Sabbath, Metallica

does anyone know of any that just focus on begginer?
like technique, theory
In this threads there's always one recommending John Petrucci Rock Discipline... Covers the basics (warm up's and etc...) Really cool though you're only going to play at 1/100 speed compared to what JP asks you to. Some by keith wyatt are also great and teach the fundamental basics. Chords, scales and some blues/rock, you should check that out.
I heard Mark Tremonti is supposed to have one coming out soon...or maybe its out already.

Either way, I think he's an exceptional guitarist and I'll be picking it up.
John Petrucci Rock Discipline.

Youtube is also a great source for lessons.
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