Ok so i bought this guitar off a friend who said the trem might need to be replaced but other then that, everything else works perfectly. Im not sure if it is even broken, i can see some wear in the knife edge but does it need to be replaced?

Sorry for the blurry pic.

It clearly dosent look like the other knife edge on the trem.

Can anybody tell me if it is still fixable?
Ohhh sorry about that lol, its an edge 3 and the trem is grinded down alot, where the edge meets the post. Would that cause a problem?
oh, Do you know how much it would cost to have them replace it for me and set it up? Because I have a feeling, that if i mess with it ill probably ruin it more lol. Never had a floating trem before
It's supposed to look like that.
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Edge IIIs are notorius for wearing down quickly- mine did. But string it up, if it goes out of tune due to trem use then you can replace it or hardtail it. But don't spend you money till your sure there is a problem