Hey all. New here, new to electric guitars, etc.
Bought my first pedal yesterday, used. Boss DS 1.
Good price, and the seller seemed to be a straight up guy.

Anyway, I'm excited...get home, plug it in....AAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!

What the hell is that noise? It sounds like what others describe as a ground hum...?

I saw a demo on YouTube, and mine isn't anything like that...it's actually unbearable.

I tried two separate guitars, and two separate amps.

I put it between the guitar and amp. That's right, isn't it?

Anyway, would appreciate comments from others with more experience...


The noob
Its like $40 what do you expect
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Well, the You Tube demo looked ok...

I don't know...guess I'm glad I'm only out $20 bucks...

I was wondering if I was doing something wrong.

Guess I'll invest some time in the music store, to listen to pedals firsthand.
My Boss DS-1 is quite noisy once I get up to the last bit of the knob. It's a very noisy pedal for sure.
ok. Thanks for the replies.

How about a recommendation for a good distortion pedal to go try out?
i just bought a boss ds1 myself today and i works fine for me!
make sure your amp is on the clean channel, if your amp is on its distortion or overdrive, it causes a really bad hiss.
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No, I'm on clean channel. Maybe the guy offloaded a POS....oh well.
lmao yes.

Well you bought it used right? That may have something to do with it. or maybe the cables you're using. i would go back to the store and ask about it, and see if they can replace it with a new one.
Are you using single coil pickups or humbuckers?
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delay shouldnt go inbetween the guitar and amp, it should be in the effects loop, or else its not going to sound good at all.
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To woodsballplayer: you say delay should go in fx loop. Should distortion pedal go in fx loop, too?
it's a boss
i should post more things.
please do not buy a boss pedal. only a few are good.
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What kind of amp are you using, how is it EQ'd and what channel is it on?
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To e-squared: single coil. Strat with Duncan Seymore half tap.

To woodsballplayer: you say delay should go in fx loop. Should distortion pedal go in fx loop, too?

dont put a distortion in the effects loop
The problem was a cable. It caused all the noise...go figure.

Just wanted to update the thread, so the pedal didn't take the rap.

Now, it's all quiet as a church mouse......A HEAD BANGIN CHURCHMOUSE!!!

Pedal rocks, no noise.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone.