Im on the market for a guitar to replace my Epiphone Les Paul Studio (as it should be obvious to everyone here ), because i just cant get used to the dang thing. On the other hand, i am very fond of the Ibanez guitars, and i really like my friends RG350 i think. I want something with a thin neck (Ibanez, Jackson...), but can still manage to get a hard-rocky metal sound (Something that can be used for say AC/DC to Metallica). My budget is around 400-450€ (576$-648$).
It would be nice if the guitar had a Floyd Rose, but seeing its really expensive to have a decent floyd rose, its not a requirement. Just think thin necks and variety of tone.
Thank you very much.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
any ibanez- SA series...although the best guitar ever is a parker fly mojo...

EDIT: didn't see your budget lol, yeah just go with an ibanez SA
Ibanez RG350DX would be my best suggestion, OR an RG370DXGP2. Both have Edge 3 Trem's (A little worse than a Licensed Floyd, but still good for the money). The RG350DX has a pickguard, 3 pickups H/S/H and is very versatile. I've never owned one, but I've played one, and it seems good. It can be used for just about any style of music. Although, the RG370DXGP2 has no pickguard, a nicer finish, and seems like it plays better from the 20-minute experience I have with it haha. Those would be your best bet for the money IF you like Ibanez. Now, for a Jackson, there's only one that would do that job for good money. WRXT Warrior. It looks sweet, has a licensed Floyd Rose, and the Duncan Designed Detonators are VERY powerful. They're not active, but they get the job done no doubt, especially for Metallica style music.
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