I was thinking of ordering a set of Bartolini's for my T-bird
but a friend of mine told me bartolini's T-bird pick ups arent
the same dimensions as the pick ups that T-birds use now

I went onto Bartolini's website and their T-birb pickups are
listed as "old Thunderbird bass shape" no dimensions were
given unlike the other pickups available None of the sites
I've found selling them list the measurments either so it looks
like my friend may be right

I was hoping they would be a close enough fit so I could install
them myself if anyone could find the measurments for the T4CBC
for me it would be a great help
what thunderbird do you have? epiphone, gibson, random company? what year? does it have the standard pickups every other thunderbird on earth has, or is there something unique about your bass? 4, 5, 6 string or what?

4 string Gibson Thunderbird Studio with standard gibson pickups (same as T-bird IV) bought in June 2007
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Skully, I checked the Bartolini website and Gibson's. At least from my basic research it looks like the Bartolini's may be slightly smaller. Email Bartonlini and they should be able to confirm.
Unfortunatly they dont provide an email address or atleast I didnt notice it#
all I found were a fax number and a telephone number and I'm not really prepaired
to make an international call

thanks for the help anyway
Try Allparts.com. When I was modding my Precision bass, they and Stewart MacDonald were great on answering questions via email. good luck!