I have had my eyes on a Japanese Jaguar HH on Guitar Center online, and I was woundering if it would be a nice blues guitar. I know that within the vast expances of UG, there has to be some people who have it now. I live about an hour away from the nearest guitar center and whenever I go there, I usually have a list of things I want to check out. this is one. I know that Humbuckers are a bit strange for Fender(I've always admired the sound of one instead of the usual single coil.) I also like this guitar because it is shaped differently(EVERYBODY at school has a strat, and I want something different). I've played a Jaguar bass, but not for long, because it was at my friends house and it was his pride and joy.

That is what got me turned on to this guitar. Also, if anyone has a diagram of the knob and switch layout, that would be VERY appreciated(it's very confusing without trying). so if anyone has a suggestion, shout it out.

PS: My budget can only get this type of guitar with humbuckers, so don't tell me to get an SG, Les Paul, or something else, cauese I'm not a millionare.
Well, I think I played one a year ago, and I played some blues on it. It sounded quite nice.

To put it briefly.
Cam Sampbell's my hero
I know that the HH is quite new (2006). I'm goin there tommorow. along with tryin some pedals and amps. Im not suprised to see there not be much feedback on this, becauese its such a new guitar. Thanks for the stuff guys, tommorow Ill see if anyone else posts
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