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Niet.... Communism is bad!

Not that I can speak Russian barring Niet and Da.
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pretend its a woman
i have no helpful advice

Russians rock. Except when they're invading other countries.
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HONK!I like your cake.
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And Cakeface, why didn't you sig my


from that other thread?

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I can't stand it any longer.


Honk if you love cake! HONK!!
We, the Polish, whooped your asses in 1921. Eat that Russian bastards, you'll never take us.

Also, thanks (but no thanks) for communism. Butt munches.
^ I agree! Damn noun cases!

Привет! меня зовут Jon. Я живу в Сент-Луисе.

"Hi! My name is Jon. I live in St. Louis."
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I'm trying to learn Russian. Its way hard.

I'm attempting to learn as well, first language I'm trying to learn that uses a different script.
Yeah, the alphabet is sorta hard to get used to, but you'll get the hang of it. I've been taking Russian class for 1 year, and right now I'm in Russian II. I know some things about the grammar etc., so if you have questions, I could help you (assuming you are just starting! I may end up asking you for help! ).

Now I kind of want to write a Russian Tutorial for beginners. Good idea? Хорошо или плохо?
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assuming you are just starting!

Now I kind of want to write a Russian Tutorial for beginners. Good idea? Хорошо или плохо?

When I say just starting, I mean I only read the first two pages of an extremely outdated, but pretty good language book. I like the idea of a tutorial.
Hmm, ok I'll try. Probably start with the Alphabet, some verb conjugations, some easy nouns, etc. I'll work on it!
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^ I agree! Damn noun cases!

Привет! меня зовут Jon. Я живу в Сент-Луисе.

"Hi! My name is Jon. I live in St. Louis."

Hi Jon! My name is Kevin, and I'm an alcoholic!
In Soviet Russia, Russia makes a thread to talk about YOU!
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See the FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU- thread, he's a God amongst men.

^^ about me

Confucius once say: "Women is like jazz music, 3/4 jazz time, 1/4 ragtime."

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Hi Jon! My name is Kevin, and I'm an alcoholic!

Ха Ха ха! Я лублю водка и вино! (Ha ha! I love vodka and wine!)

BTW, here's the Alphabet guide:
Russian Letter (Capital and Lowercase)/English Sound Made:
А а / ah
Б б / b
В в / v
Г г / g
Д д / d
Е е / ye
Ё ё / yo
Ж ж / zhe (prounced like the "s" confusion)
З з / z
И и / ee
Й й / not really a sound, but it changes how you prounce letters before it
К к / k
Л л / l
М м / m
Н н / n
О о / oh
П п / p
Р р / r
С с / s
Т т / t
У у / u (oo)
Ф ф / f
Х х / kh (like "h" but act like you clear your throat beforehand)
Ц ц / ts
Ч ч / ch
Ш ш / sh
Щ щ / shh (almost the same as above, but a little more drawn out)
ъ / the 'hard' sign, changes pronounciation. Rarely used since the Revolution
Ы ы / ooi (like "ee", but put your gut into it more)
ь / the 'soft' sign, changes pronounciation by softening the consonant before it
Э э / eh
Ю ю / yu
Я я / ya
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Get a job and stop drinking.

in soviet russia, jobs et you, and drinks stop you!

...sorry, I'll leave now...
We walked into the night

Am I to bid you farewell?

Why can't you see that I try
When every tear I shed

Is for you?
Cyrillic is easy, yo.

And greetings, fellow comrades!

Who here was actually born in Russia? I'm from the streets of St. Petes (St. Petersbug/Leningrad/Petrograd) myself. Been living in Cleveland, Ohio for 16 years though. Woo.
Mmkay, now I'll start with some simple nouns:
аэропорт / airport
автобус / bus
метро / metro train or subway
ресторан / restaurant
кафе / cafe
театр / theatre
телефон / telephone
банк / bank
стадион / stadium

If you want to ask someone where these things are, just add the word "Где" in front of the work. For example: "Где банк?" or "Where's the bank?". Notice, there is no "is" in that sentence, since "to be" does not exist in the present tense.

Someone may respond "Там" оr "Вон там" which means "over there".

But what if you don't you what something is to ask about? Introducing "Что это"! "Что" (pronounced "што") means "what". "Это" means that. So "Что это?" means "What's that?" If you want to ask who someone is, ask "Кто это?"

Иван: "Чмо это?" What's that?
Игор: "Это банк." It's a bank.
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*points to sig and leaves*

Uh, points to whoever knows the quote.

oh that is great!

"'Evil men have no songs.' How is it that the Russians have songs?"
Priviet Ruski comrades! Ya ni Ruski, but ya ruski friends !
Ya ponimaiesh ruski curses! PIZDETZ!


...modes and scales are still useless.

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Voted for Patron Çıldırdı.

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Nikto ne ponimayet chto eto serizniy forum...

Nu ladna, kto-to davay so mnoy pogovari!
Delat' mne nechevo!!!
you have beautiful women.

and the 2 Greeks invented your alphabet.

that's all i know really...but i'm not Russian so i'll just go.
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I like this guy, he's UG's Greek, and he just told your ass in two paragraphs. And I once spent 5 minutes watching his avatar.

A Brain Malfunction

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