besides make a velcro wall/velcro suit, already did that. i have a ridiculous amount of free velcro on hand and i need suggestions.
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Velcro your dick and make a massive velcro ball. Then try and lift the heaviest velcro ball you can with your boner.
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If you have a cat/dog, make little velcro boots for them. Then, glue the other side of the velcro in their favorite and other stragtic locations.
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Cover the floor of an entire room.
Re-do the furniture, so it's all on top of the velcro as well.
Surprise the family.
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You could make gloves or helmets out of it and play a game with a velcro ball. Like pass it to people using only your head. Then shoot by jumping head first into a goal...oh yeah, and their lava everywhere, don't forget the lava.
Grow wheat with the properties of velcro, so we can catch whatever it is that's making those crop circles

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Velcro your self to your friend's car.
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the velcro wall is more fun than any of the ideas you guys have given me, lets get some creativity going here people.

and i got it from some mexican driving a truck full of it. i have about enough to cover the in-bounds portion of a tennis court.
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Where the hell did you get a shiitload of velcro?
What are you dense?
Are you retarded or something?
Who the hell do you think I am?
I'm the goddamn Batman.

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Grow wheat with the properties of velcro, so we can catch whatever it is that's making those crop circles

make another velcro suit and try to stick to eachother. sounds somewhat cool?
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Where did you get it? I want some!

Velcro all your furniture to the ceiling, if it will hold. The velcro wall is a pretty good idea, if you have cinderblock or concrete walls in your basement you should designate one wall as "The Velcro Wall" and cover it entirely with velcro for use with your velcro suit.


Put some velcro spots on your wall and then on your guitar(s) so you can velcro your guitars to the wall!!!!

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Velcro the roof and make velcro shoes (anti gravity roof yay), or make velcro pants or something. You could even velcro some1s car to another generic obect. Make some velcro art. Make non slip dinner plates/cups and other things. Theres 5 ideas for ya.
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Wipe your ass with it.

Here's what you're going to do:

Buy an Airboat.

Remove safety cage protecting fan of airboat.

Attach steel chain to fan, with an enormous wad of velcro on the other end.

Get into your velcro suit and have someone turn on the boat and accelerate.
am i the only one who wants to know why you have so much velcro??

that said

1.cover your roof.
2.cover yourself
3.moonwalk on your roof
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put velcro on the roof where you can reach and make velcro gloves

no you have velcro workout!!! i'll send you the tapes lol
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Give some to me?

Make a velcro suit, walk into a clothing store, stick a bunch of clothes on the suit, and then run out of the store to see if anyone catches you.
Just wear it all of the time.

And put velcro on all of your stuff.

You'll never use pockets again.
Dude where in St. Louis are you? I seriously want to come to yo house and play with you velcro suit.

I dunno, maybe use it to make a pedal board? Or cover the Arch with it!!!!! And climb!!!!!!! Or find the Energizer Rabbit balloon, and put velcro on the bottom, then hold on to it, and fly away!!!!!

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do u guys literally mean velcro suit ?
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If you have someone else living in the house go to the room with the tallest ceilings and velcro all their shoes to the ceiling.. (hide the ladder you use).. I think that would be pretty epic. Velcro wall still sounds the best though.
Velcro yourself to the roof in your parents bed room and when they fall asleep fap and yell "I CUMM BLOOOOOOOOODDD!!!!" and then aim your jizz at their face
i think im just gonna make velcro walls/suits at all my friends houses so we can have them in 3 places.
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hows about you eat the scratchy part of the velcro, then see how it feels when it cums out.
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Put velcro on a car, and wear you velcro suit. Have your friends drive you around with you velcroed to the roof.
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1. Velcro yourself to the ceiling right above the door.
2. Wait for someone to come in the room.
3. Get off the ceiling.
4. ??????
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Velcro your animal to your back.

Velcro everything you put in your pockets and put it on your Velcro suit.

Become Velcro Man!!!! Would that not be a good Halloween costume?

Have sex whilst you and your partner are wearing a velcro suit. That would be interesting.

Velcro yourself to a ceiling would be awesome!

Make a rope swing so you can swing yourself off of it onto your velcroed wall. Have a competition to see who sticks the highest up.

Experiment on how much weight your velcro can hold. Take the biggest person you know a velcro them to a wall.