Hey guys. So... I have a test on this book called "A Perfect Spy" by John Le Carre. I didn't exactly read the book though hehe . Now, don't get me wrong... I really tried to. But the book seriously sucked and took forever to get through the first couple chapters, only to realize I had no effing clue what was going on.

So anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else has actually read this book and if anyone could lend me a hand or three. Or maybe even seven.

Thx a bunch .

Oh, also, no Sparknotes or Cliffnotes or even a good wikipedia article for this book
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yeah sry, forgot to mention, theres no sparknotes or anything for this book.
in all the time youve spent looking for information about the book and posting here you probably could have it read by now
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i've had to read a lot of books that suck ass. That's just school for you.