its a ghost note... so look that up.
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It's a ringing note. So if its somthing like:


then it means you hit the 7th fret, then let it ring.
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so i looked up ghost note

it said it's a note that is basically optional, u dont have to play it if u dont want to...

when u say its a ringing note, does that mean its a note u play and u just let it play for the next measure or w/e

which one is it then?
It's a Ghost Note. It's just a note you hit softer than normally.
Its a optional note, your not required to play it.

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I hate this kind of stuff. I've read certain tablature before and some of it means to hold a note and another tab means it's a grace note. 60% of the time, to me, they don't include a guide to what certain signs mean and alot of people vary what they say what they mean.
To me, though, it's a grace note.

But try both holding the note and using it as a grace in tabs if you need you look up in the future and see what sounds best.