so this is what happened, i had like a "guitar depression phase" where i was really not into practicing and doing anything skillful. Now i have found my motivation to play again, and its been a while since i've tried shredding or something difficult. So today was my first real practice and i can feel my fingers pumped up, but they are feeling a bit exhausted, just like you feel after lifting weights. what can i do to get rid of the soreness? will putting ice help?
I'd just ignore the soreness. But if you want to, you can put ice on it, it wont hurt.

EDIT: you probably should rest them if they start getting more and more sore
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Well, if they feel worn out, then definitely rest them. RSI is pretty bad, tendinitis is worse. Slowly get back in to play, taking frequent breaks. Make sure you warm up before, and aren't playing with much tension.

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if its that bad then stop but if you can handle it keep going not gonna get better if you stop playing