Hello, I special ordered a Yamaha FG720S obb a few days ago and they said it would take about 2-4 weeks before they email me. I was wondering should I haggle or ask for freebies? How do I try to get the BEST price. The price is $330 + taxes Canadian... since I special ordered it can I still haggle? (At L & M if you special order you are not obligated to buy it FYI.)
SHOULD I HAGGLE OR ASK FOR FREEBIES (HARD CASE, TUNER, ETC.) Soft cases are obviously a sure no... since I want to take care of this acoustic.

Please tell what what I should do and HOW please.

EDIT: i have SEARCHED around for methods... here are some, what should I do, considering I special ordered the guitar?

1) ask 'can i get discount if i pay all cash?'
2) ask 'does this guitar come with hard case?'
3) say 'im on a a pretty tight budget so can you give me a discount on a hard case i want to buy?' (i worry they might give me crap hard case? lol)

what should i do? if you have better methods please tell
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You cannot haggle Long & McQuade. They refuse to throw anything in because they have the lowest prices in canada. And that's true for the most part. L&M has the lowest price you will find. If you go to other stores, they'll have the guitar for a price that's a little higher, but they will often throw in stuff of equal or slightly higher value than the difference. You will NOT likely get a free hard case at any store. They cost $70 or so and since you're only spending $330, there's no way in hell they could justify giving you a good hard case.

Don't bother trying to haggle at L&M, they'll just give you the same reason that I gave you--they have the lowest prices in Canada.
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