Equip: Ibanez RG2EX1 w/ Dimebucker
Digitech RP250

I am about to trade my Crate GT212 for a Crate V Series V18-112.


Will the new amp work well with my pedal?

I've never owned a tube amp, is the tone really that much better?

How loud will this new one speaker tube be compared to my 212?

I enjoy high gain soloing with effects, heavy riffing, and melodic clean delay.
I always use the Digitech.

Will this be a good trade for me? Thanks in advance.
The V18 is superior in raw tone, but it's not a high gain amp. It will not deliver the tones you want, really. It's not made with that in mind. It's closer to an AC15/Vox type sound.
Alright, but if i run the pedal through it will I still get the so called "tube tone" while on the high gain digitech presets?
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Alright, but if i run the pedal through it will I still get the so called "tube tone" while on the high gain digitech presets?

I don't know why you'd want to. It kind of ruins it.

What you could do is run the Digitech as your pre-amp and plug it into the effects return.
Absoluly no point to getting that amp. I love it but it is not high gain and you defeat te purpose of having a nice tube amp by using that modelling distortion
The v series is a better amp for rock, but for metal it's gonna disappoint. The rp250 sounds like crap to me and really covers up your tone so I don't really see a point in trading amps. You're best bet is to ditch the rp250 and save up for a nice high gain amp.
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satch - i put two clips up the other night in my Profile of the RP250 thru my amp recorded with a camera mic. I ran it the way Goolz explained it. It sounds digital but it works. I was just messing around and not trying to make a record or anything.

1VK 4.3 and 4.4

Edit: it sounds better with headphones so strap those on.
The V18 has no fx loop. You would have to get a tech to add one.
I agree, the V18 sounds vox to me. Metal is not what this amp is about.
You might want to save up for a Bugera. A nice entry level high gain amp.
I don't think Peavey's are too expensive either. (valve king)
I don't think you would be happy with the V18.
Get th v18 and get rid of the rp250. While its great when you are using headphones, it will make you sound very digital with any amp you use. If you absolutly must use it then turn off the amp modeling. Try to use as few of the effects at one time that you can to aid in sounding les digital.
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