ok heres the situation. i have a vox 847 but it pisses me off. it sounds great on clean channels or with some crunch but when i turn my tsl100 onto the lead channel you can barely even tell im using a wah. What is a wah that you would clearly be able to hear with lots of distortion?
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anything with a lot of treble to it, such as the weeping demon.

Yupp. I own one and in my experience the more gain you use with this pedal the better it sounds!
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how does it sound clean?

Its not gonna win any contests for best sounding clean wah or anything but it sounds decent clean. But like I previously stated, it sounds best in conjunction with a lot of gain.
If your looking for a wah that can handel high gain then you need one with a larger filter. The vox wah is an amazing classic rock/bluey wah but has a small sweep in terms of bass to treble. And as you turn up the distortion is natural for cosmetic charecteristics (like tonewoods, pickups, filters) to become less aparent. So you need one that can cover more ground if you still want it to be aparent in a high gain situation.

Like stated before, weeping demon is good for gain and doesnt soudn half bad clean.
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