I was going to send my guitar out to be modded, but don't have enough money for the full project, so I figured that I would do at least some of the work myself. I know how to solder, I just don't know how to wire complicated electronic combonations. I was wondering if anyone would be generous enough to spend the time to help me out with this wiring nightmare that I have here.

What I have is an on/on switch, and on/on/on switch, a three way pickup selector, a push pull pot, and a standard pot. What I would like to do with this is make the on/on/on a series/coil/parallel switch, make the on/on a killswitch, and make the push/pull tone knob a phase switch. The last standard pot will be for volume. Since I can't usually explain this stuff well when I have no clue what I'm talking about, it might be better to look at my photos. If you really really want, you could even complete my diagrams

Thanks in advance and pardon my sub-par MSpaint skills.

You can get all those diagrams from seymourduncan.com. Just use your head a little and you'll figure out how to connect them. I'd make a diagram, but I gotta go to work in an hour or so and won't get back home until 11pm (it's almost 10am).

Last time that I tried I got my guitar to make some rather interesting noises... not the desirable ones. Maybe I just made a really stupid mistake, I'll look through it again and run it another go.

Looking at the diagrams, my only problem is what to do with the second pickup. Does it just wire normally and one pickup does all the extra interaction?