were is a place were i can find a decent priced floyd links would be helpful and how much would it be to get it installed it can be licensed idc
$150 at the minimum (that will last you) for the trem, then around $150-$250 for install. Or if you find some one that will do both, get the trem and install, could cost about $350

what guitar do you want to put a floyd on?
its a 250 dollar ibanez i have a roland cube 20x and i have about 750 to spend i was gonna get a line 6 spider 3 75 watt which is 300 then get emgs and get them installed which would be 250
not to be rude, but that plan just screams fail...

1) don't bother with a spider 3 >15 watts.
2) spending more on a trem for a guitar then the guitar itself seems pointless
3) spending almost as much on pups doesn't make much sense either.

in the end, i suggest not doing what your plan on doing and get a decent amp
so u think i should just get a new guitar? cause mine pretty much sucks ive found 1 its 700 it has emgs and a original floyd on it
ive played with them and i liked them. also i like the pick ups in the rr3 the seymour duncan jb and jazz its has a jackson liscensed floyd on it
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ill sell you my Ibanez 1990 MIJ RG770DXLB EDGE trem(best trem that was out there,they discontinued it a while ago) for 650 and the pick ups are great all stock!!!