For lessons, I have a very odd schedule, and no money, which renders me un able to take lessons.

What can I practice that would be stuff like a teacher, is teaching me?
I can play a couple songs that I like..but I want to learn the basics and be able to right.

So what would be some good stuff to study/practice, that is similar to what a teacher would teach me?

Links are welcomed.
play chromatic excersizes (if you don't know any, look for them on google) and name every note as you play it

EDIT: well, that post was for another thread, but it helps you too
Bah. You cant take lessons, I guess this wouldnt help you then.


Go to the beginners section and there's even videos. You may not get stuff at first but keep at it. Lessons don't have to cost money XD
When I took guitar lessons many years ago, the instructor had me working through a book like this:

Hal Leonard

We also practiced finger exercises and songs. As a beginner that is what you would be doing. Since you won't have a someone showing you what you are doing wrong, I would look for video lessons on Youtube that talk about how to grip the guitar correctly and the basics of timing and rhythm. That's harder to learn without an instructor, but not impossible with the free video lessons out there.