Hey so is it bad to use guitar pro to learn the timing of a song because I played smells like teen spirit solo with wrong timing and when I started practicing it with guitar pro I improved a lot(I think) so is it wrong like if I depend on guitar pro?

Although I believe that I had the timing wrong because it was one of the first songs I learned without a teacher.

Ps- If you want to hear the difference look at my profile I have the one with and without guitar pro practice uploaded
Guitar pro is a useful tool. I use it. So there's my 2c

Edit: I mostly use it for composition now, and occasionally classical music. It's a tool for music theory for me now.
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if it helps you, it can't be wrong, you would eventually develope your skills and you are not going to need gpro as you do now
ok thanks guys =] also what do you think about my new smells like teen spirit solo is it good?
I would love to meet the bloke who made it - LEGEND

It is great, not only for timing. But making originals as well.

And i think ya got that song covered mate. Time to get into a descent song
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I find it a very helpful way of both practicing, and teaching not only myself, but to the students I teach.
I use it to help me compose certain songs, etc.

I also use it to practice timing, as you can adjust the tempo etc.
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For a beginner, I can't imagine a better program for you to use!

So you download a guitar pro tab (preferably from this site :p), switch off the guitar you'd like to play, and then play along. You have the bass line, the drums and any other instuments helping you along. This is a MILLION times more beneficial than practicing a song on your own.

In the future, when you have the technique and ability to learn songs by ear, you can still use Guitar pro for backing drums and bass, just ignore the tab for guitar and play it your own way!

Rock on dude!
I use Tuxguitar which plays Guitar Pro Tabs and at first I was a bit lost, but now that I've spent a bit of time with the program and become familiar with it I love it.

I especially find it useful that you can slow down the songs to help learn and really nail those more difficult bits