Use MS Paint or Photoshop to re-create the scene of the crash.

No, this isn't in bad taste. He's my favourite drummer, and I wish him all the best.

I just thought this could be a bit of fun?

Mods, please don't murder me.
RIP Tom Searle.
*avoids thread*

I'm surprised at you, internet,
going too far and making fun of a serious event.

I expected more of you
Blindfolds aside I'd probably still close my eyes

And try to feel a trembling fetal life inside
that shotgun barrel that's about to make me bleed

Like an ulcer in the stomach of the beast

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your sarcasam amuses me

No. *poted*

You, MH400, fail at life

... funny sig.
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BlackZeppelin is like Ghandi. With a bigger sense of humor.
it's the silence between the notes that makes the music.
Sorry guys, genuinely.

I did't think the thread through.

Mods, please delete this.

I feel bad now =[
RIP Tom Searle.

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You are simply the greatest person ever to walk this great planet.