i have a 250 dollar ibanez i was gonna put new pickups in it. i have a roland cube 20x. i was gonna get some emgs and the line 6 spider 3 75 watt. my budget is about 650. if i get a new amp it would be 750 because ill sell the roland cube 20x for 100$. do u guys think i should do this or just get a new guitar i want one with a floyd the guitar i have doesnt have a floyd. if u have any suggestions about guitars link them please. sry about all the questions and junk i hate makeing decsions about guitars cause i dont want to make a bad one.
New amp>new guitar.

But DON'T sell your Cube 20X for a Spider III - you would actually be downgrading your amp!

To better help you, we need to know a few things.

What type of music do you play?
Are you willing to go used? If so, what major city do you live near?
i mostly play metal like pantera children of bodom etc hmmm id most likely get off the internet the closestmusic store any were near me is a guitar center
For that genre, in that price range, get either a better modeler (I don't know much about these.) or something like a Peavey 5150. Anything much lower gain, and you'll probably be sorely disappointed unless you rig it up with pedals (Which is an option, but just meh...).
just get a Peavey valveking 112 . it's 50w all tube power. it's only $400 on musicians friend.

then u have $250 left and if u sell ur cube for $100 and guitar for $150 u have $500 to buy a new guitar.

for guitar i would suggest these: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ibanez-RG350DX-Electric-Guitar?sku=519415


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