I've got my eyes set on a new guitar, only catch is theres a model that comes with 2 p90 pickups, or 2 humbuckers. What do p90's offer that other pickups (traditional single coils and humbuckers)? I remember my guitar teacher always used his gibson lp with p90's because he mentioned that he hears every note of his chords much better etc. Any advice? Musical styles will range from blues to higher gain music, thanks guys.

EDIT: I am trying to test them out, but the local music store is always so loud with kids trying to play downtuned stuff that I can't hear the notes enough to tell a major difference.
humbuckers are more versatile and more high gain. gor for humbuckers. theyre easily swapped out and replaced with pickups that you like personally. there are SD P-Rails, which can be use as humbuckers, p90, single coils. if you want p90
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Well, if you want full versatility, I'd say get the humbucker model, and swap the neck pickup for a P94/a humbucking size P90.

I wouldn't say humbuckers are more versitile, I can get a decent 'metal' tone from my Strat (which has vintage-style pickups), but it's more down to preference.

Find somewhere that has guitars with P90s and humbuckers and compare them side by side, or find something on Youtube, and see what you prefer.
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There are just different. They are in between humbuckers and single coils in tone. They can do some higher gain stuff, I have seen Iommi in old videos using them. And they do a good job of classic rock and blues. There are some pretty hot ones available.
P90s are quite possibly the best mix of single coil and humbucker - you get the clarity of a single coil, with no humbucker-style string blur, but with the fatness and grunt you get from a humbucker.
The downside is the noise. The best sounding P90s I've played are practically unusable live due to hiss and hum. That said, the humbucker sized P90 designs are often much quieter due to the nickel covers (Faraday shield and all that).

If you're not going to be playing loud and/or with lots of gain, P90s are great. If you've already got humbucker and single coil equipped guitars, it's nice to have something different.

If it were me, I'd go with Lil Macker's solution and get retrofit humbucker-sized P90s.
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the sabbath song cornucopia defiantly sounds like some studio p90 use by iommi.. you defiantly gotta just try them out based on your rig and how you play.. the possibilities are limitless
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