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Rengori, I hereby name you GOD. Bow down fuckers.
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SO if Janne and Alexi did a gay porn, would I be the only one willing to buy it?

That's a dumb question, you know everyone in here would buy it too. I know I would!

Search for Artefact.
f*ck dragonforce...
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No, they aren't touring with Dragonforce.

This needs to go in the In Flames thread.
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im more of a social godzilla than chameleon

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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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Hmm judging from your pic you'd fit in more with a fat busted tribute.
Metallica and Lamb of God would match each other well.

No one cares when a Doom band opens for Opeth, why care when a Melodeath band supports a power metal band? Both are great.
So what? They are both commercial bands that appeal to a maintstream audience. Only differance is, In Flames was a good band, before they turned into N'Flamez. Dragonforce has been a joke from the begenning