I'm looking to buy a new amp that's fairly loud and can handle lots of different effects (from my pedal board), and my budget is only $200/$300... it doesn't have to be a great amp, I'm not worried about it having any effects on it, just as long as it can handle them through pedals... i want something 50watts or better... the styles of music i play are; punk, metal, praise and worship, contemporary, and rock... THNX...

some amps I've been checking out online are:
fender frontman 212r
crate v series v50 112

PS. the closest music store from were i live is over 2 hours away so i prefer to shop online...
it's not a 50watt but I would go for a vox ad30vt in that pricerange anyway or look for a used ad50vt
Raven RG series you can get them on www.musiciansfriend.com
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Don't get the frontman. Whatever you do.
Crates seem OK but idk...

I have a vox ad30vt i got used for $150 im sure you could find a ad50vt in that price range used.

As for the Raven amps, i hear those are rather new contenders and that they aren't all that great...
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Raven RG series you can get them on www.musiciansfriend.com

IDK...even the guys from guitar center told me that the Ravens don't sound very good. And they sell MG's like hotcakes.

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