i recently purchased a Kramer Striker for a mess around guitar. i got it set up. before the set up it wouldnt tap for crap. now that its set up its a little better but still doesnt respond to tapping anywhere near my strat or tele... anyone know what the problem might be?
could possibly just be that the guitar doesn't produce as much sound due to cheaper build/parts than your other guitars. The pickups may not be as hot as your other guitars, but seeing how its a kramer it should have some higher output pups in it. is there lots of fret buzz?

nice amp by the way
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the outputs are high output. the neck just doesnt feel right idk it feels like a cheap neck.
It's probably a cheap fingerboard wood & multi-ply neck that doesn't resonate much. If I remember correctly a couple of years ago you could buy one of these Kramers for around $100.00 new, so I wouldn't expect too much from them.
Moving on.....
I have a Kramer Striker, and I can do whatever I want on it, so saying it "feels cheap" doesn't mean much.

What model did you get?
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