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Boss Blues Driver
8 62%
Ibanez Ts-9 tubescreamer
5 38%
Voters: 13.
Which overdrive pedal should I get that best replicates john mayer's solo tone?

P.s I am using a strat through a fender deluxe
Erm.. which solo tone?

He has a different sound in almost every recording .. even when live it depends on what and where he is playing. Afaik he's always tweaking things to get that 'killer' tone
Whatever Stevie Ray Vaughan used. (tubescreamer.)
Fulltone OCD works well, too.
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he uses a tubescreamer, blues driver, marshall bluesbreaker od pedal, and a zen drive. i would just go with the tubescreamer.
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Chea_man is the best.