Ok so I want to make a pedal board. Not like, get pedals, because I got those, but physically build a pedal board. I want it to be able to close and open and to lock. It should also have a handle, obviously. I have no idea where to start. Once I have the thing built I could take it from there and paint and put Velcro and what not in, but I have NO IDEA where to start. So I was wondering if you guys could help? xD
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Get some plywood, a material that will have a lot of friction with the bottom of the pedals to keep them in place, some tolex if you want it, and maybe a power supply. Look at some online for ideas perhaps?
I have a power supply. I'm currently using an old suitcase that I modified but it's become to small, to many pedals. I have looked online and I can't find anything worth using as help.
Feed your mind.
Theres a thread or two here somewhere on building one.
One other option that I read about somewhere was someone that took an old bass case and built a pedalboard using that.
I used this webpage to build my pedal board.


It has an underneath compartment to hide your wires and power supply. Also a nice space for a whammy style pedal. I paid only about 7 bucks for the wood at home depo. Saved a bunch of money.

heres some pics of mine.

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no but its a good starting point for a pedal board. If you want a case, all you need to make is basically a rectangle without one side, then screw latches on there and the pedal board. Shouldn't be that hard.. Well good luck.