Gear Sale (long resignation from guitar) orville by gibson, suhr, budda+ more

Seems like my acceptance to uni is costing more than I wanted.. I doubt I will have much time to play, and the money from selling my gear will do more than my gear collecting dust. This is painful, but it's all for the bigger picture..


Orville by Gibson LPR (Les Paul REISSUE) '59: Nothing I write can possibly justify how great this guitar is.. It's been my #1 for ages, and hard times is the only thing that can take it away from me.. PM ME FOR INFO, AND PICS $1500

Budda SD II 18 Watt 1x12: Works perfectly; some scuffs here and there but nothing serious at all. PM ME FOR INFO, AND PICS 1000

Suhr Badger 18 Watt Head: Perfect condition; literally. Might as well be new cause this thing has not a single scratch/dent/scuff. PM ME FOR INFO AND PICS 1300

Line 6 DL-4: Comes with AC adapter. A little worn I guess, but works like new. PM ME FOR INFO, AND PICS 170

Boss GE-7 Equalizer: Great conditon, works great. PM ME FOR INFO, AND PICS 45