This song was written in like 10 min. It's random thoughts and not proofread. So any type of feedback will not bother me.

Let me count it down for you

Baby I love it when, you hold me in your arms
which gives me my reason for nine
baby I know your mine…

Baby I think your great
There is no such thing as hate
there is only love…

when I’m with you I feel I’m in heaven
I’ll stay here for eternity…

Baby you know my tricks
you know I have got nothing to hide…
Baby you know I strive
To make you everything in my life
Not trying just to get by…
baby please look at my door
no need to tell you what it’s open for
I’m waiting for you to step in…
I know your trying all you can be
To be the best thing that’s ever happen to me
But I love you for who you really are…
And two
You know that all I say is so true
I just want to be with you
every night and day of my life…
Simply one…
Baby… I know you’re the one…