I decided to do an acoustic cover of one of my favorite Radiohead songs. So, here it is. The recording is kinda shoddy. I need a decent mic for vocals. And my falsetto is kinda weak. But other than that... tell me what you think! Thanks and Crit 4 crit!

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Hey man great cover!

I really think you put alot of feeling into the song. You sounded very emotional throughout the song, and i almost thought you were going to cry at one point. Good timing and playing. I think the quality is fine. I like the way you tweaked it in some bits to.

Maybe you could dub over some other guitar parts to make the guitar more interesting.

Great cover though.

crit mine?
The style you added to this was really good, it's a bloody hard song to match. Unfortunately, as you know, the falsetto lets you down. Maybe changing the tune a bit on the super high bits would help you (I know this is a blasphemous thing to do; I've played this song many a time before and you've done it a bit). The emotion in this is wonderful though, I really love this song and how you handled it. Maybe with some scale practice your voice would get stronger, and if you just sing all the time. I really think that would be worth it, you have a good starting point, especially with the emotion, so making your voice stronger would be well worth it.
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