so I have a crappy Starcaster (its a crappy strat) as my second guitar and I was look to replace the headstock with a more standard stratocaster looking headstock. If you dont know, starcasters have weird triangle shaped headstocks that are just really ugly. So i was looking on ebay and realized i could put a reverse headstock (its actually just a left handed headstock) on my starcaster. But i dont know if the dimensions would work.

My strat is 21 frets and the standard strat scale. Would this neck fit easily onto it? Also, does it being reverse change the length of the strings so that i would have to intonate it again? thanks

I have the same one and have thought about customizing it... then i realize replacing the parts for now (except maybe some new hardware and pickups or painting it) wouldn't really be worth it.

It would probably fit, i can't guarantee it, but it's honestly not worth the investment IMO either.