so lets just say hypothetically i spent the afternoon sitting on my mums office computer lookin at porn. any tips for how i make sure an avergae computer user wont stumble across and record of visited pages?
build one
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the updated firefox browser has a feature exactly like this for use with public computers to avoid trails to sensitvie data aka your porn, might be of some use
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Erasing security footage of you jacking it at said office computer?

hahahah nah man, im just passing time, some one told me bout a site so i start looking at it then reallise im on my mums computer and there's probably ways to see what im lookin at
ok heres what you have to do you need to hack into the computers higly secure and sensitive database and find the correct codes for the computers self destruct sequence. Then activate said sequence and run outside the building where the helicopter is waiting to take you away from the evil no porn office......

No but seriously just delete your history
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2 options

1. take a sledgehammer to the computer


2. make a porn website your home page
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There are no wrong times when baked goods are in question!

I second that motion! Also, just delete the history and recently closed tabs.
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