What do you practice everyday? I'm trying to find an ideal practice routine so i can get better in all aspects of the guitar. My practice routine right now is learning some songs and trying out some exercises hehe, but i'd rather find a more efficient way to improve my playing
Everyone is going to suggest playing with a metronome. I don't have one...

Practice scales, riffs, anything.

I start with Flight of Icarus everyday
Use a metronome, or play along with drum tracks, w/e.

Although my practice routine is awful. It's pick up a guitar and play. I usually put on some songs/backing tracks and do a bit of improv to.
I'm looking for that practice routine that some people follow to get really good at guitar after like 2 years, good example is yasi on youtube, she could play for the love of god after one year!
I don't have one. I pick up and play what comes to me. If I like a riff or something, I'll try and fir it to one of my songs. Then when I run short of ideas, I just practice my songs and maybe the odd cover or two.
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