im not sure if i should buy an avt 50 watt combo ive seen it for £90 ive heard its better than the mg series but is it a good amp as ive had mixed reviews?
Its hybrid and its better than MG Series but tell me your budget to tell you more choices
Its a good amp, I have the AVT100X and Im pretty happy with it.
Me being a bit a of a tone *****, I get the tube response I want out of the pre amp.

The amp's overdrive channels are actually really good because of the pre amp but theyr rather hissy with palm muting.

I can get a good tone from using my metal zone on the clean channel.

And whats more you ca turn the gain to full and drive the clean channel for some tube break up.

So all up its a decent solution for the price.
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Well I didn't like the AVTs too much, very sterile sounding IMO.

What do you play? Do you only play at home or in a band?
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They're not GREAT, but they're not bad either.

I used an AVT50 for about 5 years, gigged with it, practiced with it, and used it for pretty much everything. For the price of it new, there are better options, but if you can find one for cheap, its not too bad. The overdrive channel is a little bit harsh sounding, but the clean channel is actually wonderfully versatile and dynamic.
i played them at music college, not as bad as people make out, but i probably played it in a room designed to have amps played in!!! But check out a valvetronix, or laney LV series if you want something hybrid and not to expensive
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