I had a question and I figured this would be the place to ask it. I'm playing the following riff and it's a Lamb of God riff so i'm using a good bit of distortion. This riff is played pretty fast as well.


(all notes played on low D are muted)

As im playing this and i tend to get some noise from my other strings(G B E) from the vibration of my hitting the low strings (D a d). I dont hit other strings with my picking hand while playing. I was wondering if these guys use noise gates or what to get rid of the annoying ass noise. I cant imagine playing this while muting the rest of the strings so any solutions?
you should mute other strings with your fretting hand, like when you fret 11 on D, use your index to lightly touch higher strings (G, B, E), so they don't ring out...
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Mute the strings you're not playing. Christian Wolde Olbers says he plays "tight" or "loose". Just think about making a nice sound.

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