hey guys of ultiate guitar can anyone tell me somethings i can do to my ibanez gax30 i got it cheap £130 and its all stock parts what type of things can i do to make it look and sound like a rock guitar. i wanna do easier stuff to it but i might do harder stuff to it i dont wanna do stuff to they playability cos thats great if u wanna see it ill follow the link


hope u can give me some cool tips
gud luck and thanks
You really need to say what kind of sound you're looking for. Rock is a little bit broad.
I couldn't say there's much you can do to make it look like a rock guitar... that's really more of a blues style.
First off, LOL at Thread title. Second, new pickups, a new bridge, a complete rewire, a new nut, new tuners, and a set up.
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Try electronics first off (cheap and easy) then pick-ups then if you want tuners and all that then change you title as i nearly wet myself.....
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