Hi, this is a little song i wrote...
First of all, i am not a lyricist or songwriter, this lyrics were created last night, i was so angry at that time, and didn't know why.
So here they are:
It is a metal song, but not speed or death, i play trash and death metal, but this is more melodic than that...

Say hello to the devil

Coming to your house
Into yourself
Into your mind
Are you smart enough to defeat him?
Say hello to the devil

He caught you up
Your now vulnerable to him
You can't escape easily (hehehe can you?)
He has put you into a trap
of misery and suffering!
You woke the demons
Now confront them

Your now so weak
what's that? tears?
Get up, dont be a coward
Pay for your mistakes

Your anger took control over you
You should have listened when i tried
Why? Why?
Youre now his puppet
So do what he tolls you
Finish this and go home
"oh sh*t i gotta do vibrato"
-Marty Friedman

Best quote ever.
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well on the first line of the last verse im thinking there shouldnt be the word "the," and on the second last line of the same verse it should be "tells," pretty good peice man especially for someone who doesnt write, keep writing bro, and keep posting, peace

Agreed +1
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BTW, what's metal and full of holes?

Dimebag Darrell.
Thanks for the feedback guys, i thought it sucked xD
"oh sh*t i gotta do vibrato"
-Marty Friedman

Best quote ever.