Just watched the Metallica DVD that came with Death Magnetic, and got a tonne of inspiration, so I pounced on the opportunity to write a song :P
Recorded my Mesa Dual Rectifier with an SM57. A couple parts I can hear some distortion in the mix, which I couldn't really get rid of easily, so I left it. Mostly interested on thoughts about the song arrangement.

"My Redemption"

Crit for crit?
Good arrangeent/progressions. Produciton isnt pro but then you did it yourself, and for self produced you did REALLY ****ing well! Personally i think this would benefit from lyrics, in their absence il give it 7/10 with vocals of equal quality ot the music you could bup that up to an 8 or 9. Only criticism is the clean section could do with a smoother clean tone.

Nice work mate! Crit mine if u got the time https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=960238
Crit as I listen.
Intro section doesn't strike me as particularly original or well played compared to some of your other stuff, could do with work.
Verse is pretty cool, fairly solid.
I really dig the chorus though, quite a groove, got a nice pulse
Really like the clean interlude. Quite bluesy chord progression. Niiicely done.
Really dig the riff under the solo. Nice soloing too. Pretty hard rock-ish.

Production's not as good as your other stuff, but it's pretty good musically.
THe chorus lead's a bit cheese, but there's a lot of potential there with this tune.


crit mine?
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ok so! i tidied up some of the mix, and used my drumkit from hell samples for the first time... and i think youll find it improves the mix considerably. ive updated the links on both the myspace and UG profiles

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Really dig the riff under the solo. Nice soloing too. Pretty hard rock-ish.]

wasnt sure if anyone would pick up on the riff underneath, i was wondering if i shouldve used it somewhere more open :P