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Love, Ire & Song.
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love, ire and song is such a great record, and a huge step up from SIFTW.
he's also awesome live and constantly tours which means i see him craploads.
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wake me up when september ends makes me cry evry time!

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Haven't heard anything from the newest album but he is good. Loved his covers on that split with the guy from Onelinedrawing.
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easily the highlight of reading festival. i have nothing but love for this man and his songwriting.

edit: seek out the rob brydon/frank turner duet on dancing queen. absolute gold. i forget the website name but you can download it from somewhere, if not then give me a shout
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^ he's done two albums, love ire and song being the most recent. sleep is for the week was the first one, theres a bunch of great tracks on there too, mostly about drinking and not really getting anywhere in life. the EP, campfire punk rock, was a little average, and the demo is pretty much just a few early versions of tracks that made it onto SIFTW

theres also a 7" split with reuben and a 12" split with jonah matranga floating about, plus a dvd i believe. and then the mp3's of him doing old million dead stuff.

id recommend the 12" and sleep is for the week, its a little different to love ire and song but good all the same.
Love, Ire & Song.
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nashville tennessee is so damned good live.
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wake me up when september ends makes me cry evry time!

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Love, Ire & Song.
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i'm surprised more people round here aren't feeling frank.
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wake me up when september ends makes me cry evry time!

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i think a lot of people would if they gave it a listen, his songwriting is very accessible and down to earth, such is his style. plus his lyrics cover a lot of things that people of a certain mindset could relate to.
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half past 12 today, radio one:

sara cox playing reasons not to be an idiot.

i was working in the cafe. i turned it up. i sang along. good times.
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Bit too country for my taste.
For some reason I'm just not liking his voice (maybe it's one of those things that grows on you....?).

a song song song bout how to sing
a song song song about everything
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Read this, it's about Frank trying to get Long Live the Queen into the download charts because the proceeds are going to Breast Cancer Campaign

Plus the B-sides will be awesome, comes out on the 20th, so make sure if you want it, then download it THAT WEEK or it won't get in the charts
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I love Frank Turner, just simply amazing music, some really catchy tunes and some very awesome lyrics (Fathers day takes my breath away) gah i just can't describe how much i love it. Heard reasons not to be an idiot on the radio the other day, pumped up the jam in my flat and went wild while everyone else looked a tad bemused, but they loved it.
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i loved million dead, only just listened to frank turner, love ire and song album, only listened to it once, first impression was that it was quite good but nothing special need to give it a spin a few more times
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Am I the only person who really really hates this?
no i know people who do too.

i concede that his lyrics arent as witty or quite as...eloquent as they used to be, and some of the music is a little simple. i just love his attitude and his personality, hes one of the few people who can translate that to his music. campfire punk rock.
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I figure this is bump worthy.
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Love this guy. I heard "Worse things happen at sea" but didn't hear much of him until recently when I decided to get his stuff. Absolutely love it, glad I decided to get it.
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Wow it's quite a small thread despite the amount of attention he's been getting recently. I love Frank Turner gigs, the most life-affirming stuff around!

Saying that the new album isn't half as good as love ire and song.
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when i saw him last (seen him 3 times, and in video for the road, and on his webiste im in the crowd shot) he played Nashville Tennesse. As a pedal steel guitar player, when he sang the line, the group with me all pointed at me, meaning that frnak give me a little nod and a wink. He did also crash into us when he stage-dived. It was a good night.

Check out Beans on Toast
he's Jay in "Prufrock" and "Live Fast Die Old" that Frank refers to quite abit. THey've been friends for years and when i saw frank, Beans on TOast was the support act. Met him in the pub after, lovely man, got his album.

Also, final trivia, Frnak's band are lovely people aswell. I spoke to frank January 2008 when he was playing an in-store, chatted for about 5 mins about guitar playing, but most recenctly chatted to Matt Nasir, the keyboard player in the live band. Lovely bloke.

Franks Latest alubm , Poetry For the Deed, is doing exceptionally well in UK, and if it has not yet been, will be released in the USA very soon...
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Been listening to all his albums today, I'm in a pretty low place atm and his music has really hit me for it. I love him. His general style is just awesome imo.
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Quote by the_astronaut
Am I the only person who really really hates this?

can't stand his solo stuff. million dead always put on a solid show, though.
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haven't seen this thread, been a fan since i saw him last year with the gaslight anthem, great live. Reasons not to be an idiot or the ballad of me and my friends are my favourites by him
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Have only listened to Love Ire & Song atm but have heard "The Road" from the new album and it seems he is still awesome. I am going to see him in Derby in August hopefully.
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jut got into Frank, <sound dirty but not intentionally, also just made myself sound like a guy there, anyway>
saw him as a supporting act to greenday in june, and have been addicted to his song ,,The Road'' for almost a week now, and i don't get addicted to songs much.
need to listen to his older stuff, if it's as good as people say it is!!
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Love ire & song is probably one of most listened to albums of all time. I slept to it for about 2 months, I love it! One of the things I love the most about Frank is how he makes so many videos and puts them up on youtube! I love it when bands do that, it makes them seem so more real, and a lot less like the "godlike" status that has been put upon rockstars. It's great for Frank, because he doesn't see them that was either!
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Only just saw this thread, been a fan for about 2 years now, his performance at reading festival nearly brought me to tears, it was that good

also, his new EP should be out last this year/early 2011 i think?