As I sat there, starting into the empty void in front of me, people came and went. Frantically bustled past me, lips tout and eyes straight ahead, determined on their path. I drew back long on my cigarette. Wincing and the smoke rasped at my throat, I realised this was a feeling I’m yet to grow accustomed to.

I coughed out thick billows of smoke and they wafted upwards like angels towards an unseen heaven. I sighed and watched the smoke dissipate like the purity they represent. Watching as they floated in the breeze, I reminisced back to a time where I was care-free, on a journey, with only the road ahead illuminated and everything behind me falling into obscurity.

Rays of sun danced off my car bonnet as they flew back into my face. Squinting, the crimson eye taunts me. My knuckles, coated white with anticipation. The eye changes green and I slam my foot down, staring out into the open road in front of me.

Travelling at climbing speeds, I reach my arm around the girl sitting next to me. She leans in closer towards me and listens to my heart beat; ascending like the speed, as her golden locks whistle in the wind. Her milky white flesh gleams in the sun, providing the backdrop to the contrasting colour of her piercing, crystal blue eyes.

Over crests, through chicanes, my heart races faster as the speed increases. Her hands are clasped together holding me down like a life-size seatbelt. Eyes darting back and forth, along the countryside, I see her eyes filling with a sense of terror as well as trust, as the speeds are at astonishing levels.

Now alone, I found myself at the same set of lights. The crimson eye has now been faded out, yet still, it taunted as equally. My knuckles now were not the powdery-white they once were.

A fork in the road. I had two choices to make, and for the love of god I hope I made the right one. Slowly, I veered to the left, and as I went round the bend my mind raced.
“Is this really what I want to do?” I thought to myself.

Her blue eyes, like an ocean captured in her face, gazed into mine. Her pupils, jet-black like the ace of spades, stared me down with a sense of both fear and hope. We were one.

As the sunlight reflects off them, they shone like diamonds. The salty sea taste now lashes at my face as we stand out, toes embedded in the sand, like the roots of a tree. Her arms, still wrapped around me, tightened as her head nestled neatly on my chest. I realised now, this was more than what I could have ever imagined it to be.

The further I drove, the more I contemplated my life. I turned on my CD player. It was the story of my life. The beats seeped through the speakers and it caressed my ears. Every note played reminded me of you. There was not a moment of that entre trip that you weren’t racing through my mind like we were that fateful night.

We rounded several bends. Caressing the curb like a sultry mistress. I glanced at you for not even a second. A split second choice changed everything.

I got out of the car. Actually, I was helped out. My mind still racing as I slowly made my way along a dirty beaten path. I looked around to find you but I was having a bit of trouble. It wasn’t as light as before.

The car flipped, and flipped again. In horror, I realised there was nothing I could do as I lost more control.

…as I woke up what seemed to be instantaneously, it seemed and eternity. Flashing red and blue lights dancing around me. I felt strangely warm. I overheard two men talking nearby.

“So what seemed to have happened?” asked a man inquisitively.
“Seems to be one casualty. Female, Roughly 20 years of age. Caucasian. Blonde hair. No identification on her.” Replied the stocky man, mustachioed and burly.
“And the male?” the first man enquires impatiently.
“James Daniels. Born eighteenth of March 1988. Caucasian, brown hair.”

As I rounded the beaten down path, I found you. Your body, a soulless heap under the ground. As I grow closer, my wheelchair crushes some weeds sprouting from the ground.

I read the hedge stone. “Melanie Wilson; 19/2/88 – 23/6/08 Touched by many. Loved by more.” The words sunk in, and as I laid a rose down on the ground, a single tear fell from my face and landed on a petal and made it wilt. Closure is definitely the best ending to a journey.
I hate my username, it all happened in a rush